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Attorney Networking at Bern's Steak House
Schedule of Events
Date: Tuesday, March 10, 2020

   4:30PM: Champagne Meet-up at Ft. Lauderdale Jet Service

 5:30PM: Depart Ft. Lauderdale, FL to
        Tampa, FL

  6:15PM: Arrive in Tampa, FL

  7:00PM: Dinner at Bern's Streak House

  8:30PM: Dessert at Harry Waugh
        Dessert Room

  10:00PM: Depart Bern's Streak House 

  10:30PM: Depart Tampa, FL to Ft.
        Lauderdale, FL

  11:15PM: Arrive in Ft. Lauderdale
A unique culinary experience

Perfectly aged steaks. One of the largest wine collections in the world. An internationally famous dessert room. Wine cellar and kitchen tours available for all guests.

These elements have combined since 1956 to provide our guests with a unique culinary experience. Our prime steaks are cut to order, vegetables are grown locally on the Bern's farm and sourced from the finest purveyors, and our menu includes 21 choices of caviar. Each visit to Bern's Steak House takes you on a gastronomic adventure that defines Bern's not as a meal but as an experience. We invite you to join us and experience Bern's.

Format: Designed as an "Experential Networking" experience.  Great opportunity to meet and spend quality time with business, owners and entrepreneurs in this iconic culinary networking experience.

Aircraft: Challenger 604
Aircraft selected based on number of participants.
Prior to Jan 10, 2020: $3700

After Jan 10, 2020: $3900 (If seats available)

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- Welcome Reception at Jet Service

- Round Trip Private Jet Service

- Luxury Ground Transportation in Tampa, FL

- All Food and Beverage at Bern's Steak House

- All Tips and Gratuities
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Experience Title (Example: MUSE - Attorney Networking at Bern's Steak House)
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