​​VIP Bourbon Experience 

A Maus & Hoffman VIP Bourbon Experience by Bucket List Club

Bulleit Distilling Co
Built in 2017 and open to visitors in 2019, Bulleit Distilling Co. leads the industry
with its state-of-the-art technology and offers a portfolio distilled and aged in the
Bulleit family tradition, using a distinctive high rye recipe, which gives them a bold,
spicy taste.

Experience the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of the Bulleit portfolio through
our interactive tasting experience. And get to know the cultural creators,
entrepreneurs, and tastemakers that helped revive Augustus Bulleit's high-rye
whiskey and create the bold, beloved Bulleit Frontier Whiskey of today.

Jepta Creed Distillery:  
Our spirits are as authentic as the legacy they’re built on. We craft each and
every blend with only the best ingredients, many of which are grown right here
on the Jeptha Creed farm. It may seem like a lot of trouble to go to, especially
when other Kentucky distilleries are outsourcing ingredients and going the
artificial route. But here’s the truth: we’re not like anybody else. And neither
are our products.

Bourbon Dinner at Repeal:
Private Dinning Room of the Repeasl Oak-Fired Steakhouse

Schedule of Events: (Subject to Change)
 9:30AM: Meetup at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport
10:00AM: Depart Fort Lauderdale to Louisville, KY 
12:15PM: Arrive in Louisville, KY / Depart for Bulleit Bourbon
1:30PM: Bulleit Barrel to Blended Tasting Experience
- Hosted by their Single Barrel Selection Team
4:00PM: Jeptha Creed Exclusive Barrel Tasting Experience
6:00PM: Burbon Dinner Experience @ Repeal Oak-Fired Steakhouse 
8:30PM: Depart Louisville, KY to Fort Lauderdale, FL
10:45PM: Arrive in Fort Lauderdale

Experience Includes:

- Private Jet (Challenger 604 or similar) to and from KY

- Bourbon Experience / Tours

- All Food and Beverage

- Luxury Ground Transportation in Kentucky

- Luxry Ground Transportation to / from residence to Fort Lauderdale
Executive Airport

Date: May 6, 2020

Happy Hour Pricing (Prior to March 15, 2020): $5100

Regular Pricing: (After March  15, 2020): $5300​​ 

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