Beneficiary Partnerships
An important part of our mission is to not only add and check off items on our Bucket List but to also contribute to the community for which we live and work.  For information on how to be a part of our family of beneficiaries, please send email to [email protected] 

One Love Bahamas

The City of Pompano Beach, Shipwreck Park and Florida based concert and festival promoters are now working together in support of the Bahamas to host One Love Bahamas, a benefit concert for victims of Hurricane Dorian to aid disaster recovery and rebuilding efforts in the Bahamas.  The official website for One Love Bahamas is

One Love Bahamas Concert for Hurricane Relief will be held on Saturday, February 8th, 2020 at the Amp in Pompano Beach. 100% of net event proceeds will benefit Hurricane Dorian victims in the Bahamas and be administered by Shipwreck Park a 501 (c) (3) corporation. 

One unique way donations and event proceeds will be deployed to aid in rebuilding is to purchase, distribute and install packaged reverse osmosis units that will convert sea water into fresh potable water to areas where there is no infrastructure.  These units will consist of a small generator for producing the power to run the reverse osmosis units, the reverse osmosis device and a large tank to store the water.  Each unit is capable of producing nearly 1800 gallons of water a day, enough to support over 100 persons.  The average cost of each unit is approximately $7,500.  

Lastly, we plan to make building materials available to those in need who are repairing their homes but are unable to afford materials.  By coming together as a community, we can help our Bahamian neighbors live better lives in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian. 

One Love Bahamas Concert Details
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HANDY’s goal is to provide customized programs that meet the individual needs of a child that take them from early childhood to adulthood.

HANDY’s mission is to achieve positive, lasting change for youth by providing life skills, education, and a supportive community.  Since 1985, HANDY has met the needs of more than 50,000 children and family members in Broward County. Each year, HANDY serves over 1,200 individuals, including youth ages nine-25, family members and caregivers in Broward County associated with the child dependency system. Our comprehensive, award winning programs focus on education, youth development and economic self-sufficiency. For some of these kids, HANDY is the most stable "family” they have ever known. Visit to learn more.
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Saint Anthony Friends for Education

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Saint Anthony Friends for Education is to initiate and oversee programs that fulfill the continuing long-term fundraising needs of Saint Anthony School. We are committed to creating, administering, and providing endowment, scholarships, faculty enhancements and other funds as determined by the board, and in conjunction with our Pastor. We will strive to create a balance between the long-term goals of Saint Anthony School and the overall needs of the Church.

The Friends for Education is the backbone and source of strength and support for Saint Anthony Catholic School.

The Saint Anthony Friends for Education develops and manages programs that fulfill the long-term fundraising efforts of our school.  Since its beginning, the Friends for Education, formerly known as the Foundation for Education has been able to grow an endowment that funds programs that help ensure the student’s Catholic education now and for the future.  Today’s students are the future generation of Catholics in America.
What started as a tribute to our father Nicholas Chiera has now turned into one of the largest fundraising efforts designed to help Kids and young adults who are battling cancer.
Through our Partnership with Camp Boggy Creek, we are now able to help send 150 kids for a week of summer camp in Eustis, Florida.
In addition to helping Kids attend summer camp we are also sending young adults who have beaten cancer to college, as well as teaching kids who are currently undergoing treatments the game of golf and other life lessons.

Some of the same kids that we sent to camp over ten to fifteen years ago have now graduated from Florida colleges and Universities. What is even more amazing is that these amazing survivors are now Doctors, Oncologists, Artists and Social Workers helping kids with the same cancer they once battled.

Our Mission has always been the same, our resolve has never wavered. The Chiera Family Foundation is here to help and enrich the lives of children and young adults who continue to battle this horrible disease.
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Museum of Discovery & Science

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Museum of Discovery and Science is to provide experiential pathways to lifelong learning in science for children and adults through exhibits, programs and films.

More than 450,000 people visit the Museum of Discovery and Science annually. Over 8 million visitors have experienced the Museum since opening in 1992. The Museum currently serves more than 90,000 students annually who visit on school sponsored field trips.
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Rebuilding Together Broward County
Everyone deserves to live in a safe and healthy home.

Our work addresses crucial home repairs, safety improvements, energy retrofits and neighborhood revitalization activities that benefit low income homeowners who are seniors and veterans.

Each year we work with more than 1,000 volunteers, skilled tradespersons and companies who help us provide health, safety and quality of life enhancements to more than 50 families and homes.​​
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Broward County
Caddy For A Cure
Welcome to Caddy For A Cure. Caddy For A Cure is a way for you to have the PGA golf experience of a lifetime caddying for one of the world’s best golfers while benefiting charities. You can caddy for a PGA TOUR or LPGA Professional and help the Fanconi Anemia Research Fund, Birdies for the Brave, and many other nonprofit charities.

CLICK HERE: Caddy For A Cure Golf Outing at The Abaco Club on Winding Bay - January 14, 2020
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